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Happy Birthday Information Society

Author: Fanni Máté
Eszter Katona
Árpád Knap
Mihály Csótó

The Information Society journal was founded in 2001 with the aim of bringing information society issues into Hungarian Sociology. As the journal’s 20th anniversary was in 2021, we examined the articles of the journal using Natural Language Processing. With topic modelling, we were able to identify the main subjects of the journal since 2005 (it was not possible to process the previous issues because of the archive format). We created 10 topics using Latent Dirichlet Allocation about various subjects, seen on the right side of the chord diagram. The most important topics of the journal are the Theory of the Information Society, Education, e-inclusion and Developments. These topics show the pioneering aim of the journal, introducing the definitions and the technology required for Information Society and its spread. The left side of the graph shows the authors of the journal in the analysed period. Most articles were written by László Z. Karvalics, founder and former editor-in-chief. The primary aim of the diagram is to reveal the relationship between the topics and the authors: did they write on one specific topic, or it was more likely for an author to contribute to multiple issues?
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