Print Visualizations at Data Stories 2021

Hungarian literary life in Transylvania

Author: Eszter Molnár & Dénes Csala

The aim of the visualization is to represent the Transylvanian literary ecosystem between 1835 and 2010 by examining the relationships between the actors present in it. The research seeks to answer how authors relate to each other, in which periodicals they publish together, and to which literary societies they belong.

The data sources are the 5 volumes of The Encyclopaedia of Hungarian Literature from Romania, edited by the Kriterion Publishing House ( The lexicon contains 5262 articles, which were categorized manually. The cleaned data used in the research contains 3466 articles with 17867 connections between them. After drawing the network, it is analysed using network theory procedures. By calculating the degree, closeness centrality and betweenness centrality, the research concludes whether there are dominant actors, periodicals, societies in the Transylvanian literary environment that were constructive constituents of the development of intellectual life. The research is interdisciplinary because it approaches the sociological topic from the network analysis point of view.

Keywords: literature, network science, Transylvania, sociology, relations, periodicals and societies

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