Data Stories 2023

The Official Opening will take place on November 20, 2023.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 10, 2023. Physical presence in the event is not required.



Welcome to the application process.
First of all, thank you for considering applying to our event :)

Participating in Data Stories is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your most important findings, reveal a novel perspective on an old problem, connect dots that haven't been connected before, or simply learn something new about data visualization. We invite you to submit one or more visualizations, single-authored or in collaboration. 25 visualisations will be selected to print on a poster and exhibit the day of the event. Depending on how many submissions we receive this year, we will display one or more visualizations per participant online and will project them on a interactive screen the day of the event. In case we could only show one visualization per participant, the author(s) will be asked to indicate which is their preferred single visualization for display.

  • You can submit any data visualization, with no rules on the content, structure, or size of the data displayed.
  • The visualization has to be an A1 size poster (841 x 594 mm) in ready-to-print PDF format, and has to include:
    • Author(s) name(s).
    • Institutional affiliation(s).
    • Title of the visualization.
    • Graphic legend.
  • A (250-word max.) description of the visualization containing:
    • Data source.
    • A clear message of what the visualization reveals.


The exhibition will be organized as follows:

  • All the posters will appear on the website.
  • A limited number of selected posters will be printed and exhibited on site. The other ones will be projected during the exhibition time through an interactive screen.

In addition

  • We upload the PDFs to the website dedicated to the exhibition. These remain here forever as an archive of past visualizations.
  • We use the visualizations on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and our website) to advertise the event, always displaying the names of the authors as well.