Program 2023

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The Official Opening will take place on November 20, 2023 at the Central European University in Vienna, Austria.


Chair: Márton Karsai (CEU)


16:30–16:45:  Opening

16:45–17:10:  Liuhuaying Yang: Unlocking the Beauty of Complexity Science [onsite]

17:10–17:35:  Alice Grishchenko: Linking Subject & Object with Data Viz [online]


10-minute break


17:45–18:10:  Ramon Bauer: Vienna in Figures – Communicating City Data [onsite]

18:10–18:35:  Mike Morrison: 10-Seconds to Understand: Designing Dataviz for Speed [online]

18:40:  Closure, Exhibition & Catering


Find out about our speakers here.