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Inequality and Urban Topology

Author: Gergő Tóth, Johannes Wachs, Bence Ságvári, Riccardo Di Clemente, Ákos Jakobi, János Kertész & Balázs Lengyel

Income inequality correlates with network fragmentation in towns and the latter is enhanced by topological hindrances like rivers, mountains and rail tracks. To test this hypothesis, we used data from the Hungarian online social network iWiW, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and OpenStreetMap. a) Inequality characterized by the cumulative income distribution for a city with relatively low (high) level of inequality from which the Gini coefficient can be calculated: Ajka (Gödöllő); b) social network structure of Gödöllő; c) Ajka; d) larger Gini (i.e., inequality) goes with larger network fragmentation.