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Paralympic Games: from 1980 to 2016

Author: Federica Gazzelloni

The International Paralympic committee collects all data for summer and winter games.
This visualization includes the first 20 countries with the highest frequency of participation. Those who won a gold medal are connected with a colored sigmoid, while the other silver and bronze medals are in grey color. Colors are to identify different countries and sports. Among all participating sports, some favorites have been selected: athletics, swimming, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, fencing, basketball, volleyball, powerlifting, archery, rugby, and triathlon.
The visualization is made with RStudio, in particular, the sigmoids are made with the geom_sigmoid() function from the {ggbump} package, the flags with ggflags::geom_flag, and the text with geom_text.
Two images with the symbol of the Olympic torch and the Paralympic circles are taken from the internet. All mentions of Paralympic facts are from Wikipedia:

Data Source: International Paralympic Committee (

Data Visualization: Federica Gazzelloni (@fgazzelloni)

The graph was posted originally on Twitter as part of the #TidyTuesday 2021 week 32 competition.