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Author: Bence Fazekas

Alcohol consumption is proven to be one of the main causes of premature deaths around the world. Despite its unhealthiness is a known thing, the ability to consume a significant amount of alcohol is often admired in cultures. This is especially true in Central Europe where almost in each country people drink more than 10 liters of pure alcohol yearly. This phenomenon leads to serious social problems in these countries.

In Hungary around 800 000 people can be considered as an alcohol dependent individual, which leads to many broken families and causes 12 000 deaths each year. Although most of the decision makers are aware of these facts, Hungary still lacks a clear and comprehensive strategy to cure alcohol related diseases and to prevent the next generation to fall into the same trap.

The visualization was created to raise attention of this topic, and to start the creation of a broad nationwide alcohol strategy.

Data sources:
For premature deaths and Hungarian alcohol related deaths:
Regional alcohol consumption:
Alcohol consumption by country and by type:
Alcohol related diseases: