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HitStory: Anthems - DataViz & Sonification presenting the gender of authors and date of birth of national anthems

Author: Balázs Fekete & Ivett Kovács

HITSTORY (Hit+Story+History)

Our interdisciplinary project highlights relations between social phenomena & music history. ANTHEMS is the first piece of DataViz & Sonification revealing the gender of authors and date of birth of national anthems from different continents.

In addition to the visualization, we generated and orchestrated a music piece (a meta-anthem) of anthems to make data more engaging. The audible composition consists of datapoints singing the whole story for you. This multidisciplinary approach of combining data visualization and data sonification aims to make data perception exciting as it can be.

Check out the interactive version on this link:!/vizhome/HITSTORY-ANTHEMS/HITSTORYANTHEMS
And visit the portfolio page on Behance:

How to use:
If you click on individual notes, you can see who and when wrote a national anthem. If you click play, you can hear what is written on the score - all arranged in orchestra instrumentation to stay true to the topic. The clicks represent one year (BPM=120), the Triangulum sound marks ten years, and the cymbal crash is audible at the turn of the centuries. Individual sounds use visualization as a score: pitch represents the geographical area, notes represent each anthem. Anthems with the female author are played in pizzicato style. It will take time for you to hear it, but it's worth practicing. Let's get started!

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Link to the audible sonification:

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